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Effective Immediately Tuesday 6th March 2012 Credit License Cancellation Lodged By Us With ASIC

Ability Finance have elected to cease all credit activities covered by ASIC credit licensing for various reasons including but not limited to;

  1. Lender commission cuts over the past few years.
  2. Additional liability, workload and costs arising from National Credit Licensing
  3. Lender minimum volume restrictions which result in smaller brokers not being able to offer all options to customers.
  4. Regularly encountered inexperienced lender staff who are unaware of their own employers policies whose advice wastes both broker and customers time and resources.
  • As a blog style website there is only historical content contained within this website that is out of date and no longer applicable. This content must only be used for historical reference purposes.
  • Ability Finance, through choice, no longer represent any lenders who may be historically referred to within this website.
  • No information or content contained on this site should be relied on as being current.
  • No content contained within this site should be taken as advice in any way at all.

Should you feel there is any content that should be removed from this site please contact the webmaster.
By any chance you feel specific content is interpreted as offering any credit activities by us it is to be ignored, please report to the webmaster for removal or modification.
If you are legally entitled to engage in credit activities and would like to advertise on this site please contact the webmaster.
If you would like a website developed or even to purchase this site modified to your requirements please contact the webmaster.
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Low Doc

Low Doc Self Employed Salaried

Auroa 95 Low Doc - for Self Employed Applicants Click to Read more..

Low Doc Home Loans

With the changes made by most lenders now requiring a BAS for Low Doc loans, many self employed may be finding it increasingly hard to find a true Low Doc home loan.

With the Phoenix Home Loan, you have 2 options available where neither a BAS nor LMI is required:


Low Doc Plus Click to Read more..

Pepper Alt Doc

Pepper Home Loans Alternative Documentation loan (Alt Doc).
Some Great Reasons to consider the Alt Doc loan include: Click to Read more..

St George Low Doc Policy Change

Effective from 19 September 2009, all Low Doc Home Loan applications must now be supported by Business Activity Statements (BAS) for the last 12 months, the last statement being no more than 3 months old at the date of application. This is in addition to existing Low Doc documentation requirements.
For applications received prior to the 19th, these can be assessed under the previous criteria i.e. Business Activity Statements will not need to be supplied. Click to Read more..

Low Doc Home Loan Up to 80 Percent LVR

Lo Doc up to 80% LVR Purchase - Premium Lo Doc Product

The Homeloans Premium Lo Doc is a fully featured home loan. This loan is perfect for self employed borrowers without full income evidence. This is a great option for clients with 20 percent deposit from a previous sale of a property or accumulated 20 percent genuine savings over 3 months.

Interest Rate: Please call to check

Loan Purpose: Purchase or Purchase and Construction (no refinances)

Borrower Type: Individuals, companies/trusts

Purchase: No bank trading statements or BAS required Click to Read more..

Bankwest Low Doc Home Loan


Introducing the Bankwest Low Doc Home Loan. Click to Read more..

Phoenix Home Loan

The Phoenix Home Loan has been specifically designed for borrowers who just don't fit the standard lending criteria of most financial institutions.

This includes borrowers who may be credit impaired, had a court judgement listed on their credit file, or may even be financially overexposed with the country's mortgage insurers.

The Phoenix Home Loan also allows for a self employed applicant to borrow up to 90 percent of their residential property, without having to provide any financials. Click to Read more..

Low Doc Home Loans

Many Lenders have been completely withdrawing or restricting their range of low doc home loans over the past few months.

Discount levels have been removed and total loan to value ratio in many cases is limited to 60 percent lvr.

Ability Finance do have several lenders still offering low doc home loans up to 80 percent loan to value ratio at competitive interest rates.

Premium Lo Doc still to 80 percent Click to Read more..

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